Of bridges, boat rides and boundaries


by Bill Kearney


Of bridges, boat rides and boundaries

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Airmail - Reader's correspondence

Noises Off

I read the short POV article about how sounds contribute to the scariness of horror movies with interest (“Things That Go Bump in the Night,” October). The sounds of movies of this genre have always freaked me out more than the images; I can’t stand to be within earshot of such sounds even if I am not engaged in the movie. On my eastbound transatlantic flight, I decided to see if, protected by this intellectual knowledge about sounds gained from reading the article, I could watch a scary flick. I got through the first sounds of creaky hinges and blowing winds in The Conjuring 2 OK, but when it got to the deep rumbling sound and dissonant music, I had to give up. The new information did not rescue me from the eerie effectiveness of the soundtrack. I switched to something more cheery on the movie menu.
Lloyd Brimhall
Tempe, AZ

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