Wicked Wisdom


by Adam Pitluk


August 2015

Wicked Wisdom

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Airmail - Reader's correspondence

All Hail Helen!

On my recent flight home from Grand Cayman, I enjoyed the article in the May issue on Helen Hunt and her directing and acting role in the movie Ride. I find it impressive that she has taken on many positions in the film industry since her start as an actress. Thank you for featuring her in your magazine. It seems we haven’t seen Helen Hunt in the movies for a while. Because of your article, I am motivated to see her new film.
Dennis Anderson
New Lenox, Illinois

A True Role Model

On my flight from Williamsport, Pennsylvania (my original home) to Bermuda (my home for the past 20 years), I read “All-American Hero” in the May issue of American Way. I had no idea who Chris Evans was, nor have I watched the Captain America movies, but I was so impressed with his openness: chatting about
vulnerabilities, his fascination with Disney World and being so grateful. But I was most impressed when he said, “If you can kind of stay present and know that that’s all that you have in life — life is just a series of nows — if you can kind of surrender to that, you will never lose.” Brilliant! I was so impressed, and it was an amazing reminder to the rest of us. It moved me to learn more about Chris Evans and remember what is important in life. Thank you.
Susan Thompson

Go Cubs Go!

I was happy to read “Chicago’s Hope” by Derrick Goold in the May issue. My husband grew up a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, so I became one by marriage. Despite all the Cubs disappointments during our 27 years of marriage, the one thing I have learned from him is that Cubs fans are eternal optimists. They always hope for the best season, and when it doesn’t happen, there’s always the promise of next year. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had that same sense of hope and optimism? My dream is that one day, I can see my husband beam with pride when the Cubs win a World Series. Thanks to Derrick for the column.
Peggy Combs
Fort Knox, Kentucky

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