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by Adam Pitluk

Miami Musings

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Airmail - Reader's correspondence

Grand Adventures

I was thoroughly entertained by the article “Beetle Juiced” in the April issue. I rafted the Grand Canyon in 2011, and writer Daniel Asa Rose reminded me of so many unique and thrilling experiences. The beauty of the canyon is awe-inspiring. Rafting through the narrow sections and looking up at the massive cliffs while the guides navigate the rapids is thrilling. When the view opens up and the river widens and becomes calm, it gives you time for reflection on the vast beauty of the canyon. The bright stars in the night sky are the last things I would see before falling asleep. After reading your article, I am ready to raft the canyon again.
Helen King, Staunton, Illinois

A Healthy Approach

I am a longtime us airways flyer, but thanks to the merger, I recently had my first chance to read American Way. I was immediately impressed with the quality and practical value of your April publication. With summer approaching, I appreciated the short piece “Stay Sun Safe” as well as the “American Insight” spotlight on Waveborn sunglasses. The most useful column was “Tips for a Fit Flight.” As my flights across the country become more frequent, I will surely take these practices to heart. Together with your piece on technology and ­healthcare (“Patient Uprising”), it’s abundantly clear that American Airlines prioritizes its customers’ health. Thank you.
Anthony Harrison, Blacksburg, Virginia

The cover story on Chris Evans

(“All-American Hero,” May) was really refreshing. With so many reports and stories of celebrity problems, it is nice to read about a humble and considerate movie star who treats others well. As a father of six children who all love superhero movies, it is great to have someone portraying Captain America on-screen who actually seems to uphold some of those values in real life. That is a star my kids can look up to. Thanks for the great article.
David Haas, Indianapolis

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