Miami Musings


by Adam Pitluk

Miami Musings

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Airmail - Reader's correspondence

One Word at a Time

Thank you, Adam Pitluk, for sharing Neil Young’s wisdom in “This Train Is Never Going Back.” What better place to be inspired than at 37,000 feet, with no way to record a thought other than writing directly on the pages of American Way. You need to stop and write down those priceless, original thoughts, even at seemingly inopportune times, before they vanish via overthinking or hesitation. I’ve often pondered the possible underlying cause of such hesitation. When I was in elementary school, my real aspiration was to be a writer. I would always write stories, thoughts and poems in my spare time, never sharing them with the world. What would they think? How would I feel about their thoughts? I eventually earned an unrelated technical degree, then somehow the creative-writing urge was lost. Lately, both the creative and technical muses have made friends, and I find myself writing about such topics where both play a part. There are certain thoughts that need to be voiced and are meant to be shared, whether to inspire further discussion, build upon existing ideas and/or make things better. Per the lyrics of When God Made Me by Neil Young, “Did God give me my voice so that others could silence me?” It’s time. I’m ready to write again. Thanks for the momentum.  
Jennifer Law, Charlotte, North Carolina

Road Warrior Fun

Stories can change our lives. I just finished “Mountain Stories,” American Way’s March feature about the Road Warrior Contest winners. Before reading it, I was in a grouchy mood, and I had lost the perspective that travel is a privilege and usually a joy. On this day, it was an unwelcome obligation. The Road Warriors shook the bad mood right out of me. I imagined ­Jason Dorsey helping fellow travelers with their overhead luggage. Eileen McHale cracked me up by admitting she took a cab home from the airport, only to realize she had left her car at the airport. Shaka W. ­Rodney opened my heart with his love and strength. Christine Hackett and Sara Craven reminded me that women can do anything. Thank you, Road Warriors and AW, for restoring my love of travel.  
Lucinda Porter, Grass Valley, California

The Big D

I’ve always been surprised at the lack of _American Way_ stories on American’s hometown, Dallas/Fort Worth. Then, my wife and I boarded a flight to San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary. I looked at the table of contents, and there it was: a story about Dallas (“Dallas Reborn,” March). I was born and raised in Dallas and lived here most of my life. I take a lot of pride in the city and everything the region offers. Dallas already has such diverse cultures, food and entertainment options. Recently, it’s been great to watch Dallas transform more spots into outdoor, urban places of enjoyment. I’m glad the word is out that there’s more to Dallas than cowboy hats and big hair.  
 Marcus D. Lewis, Dallas

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