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by Adam Pitluk


August 2015

Wicked Wisdom

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Airmail - Reader's correspondence

A Healthy Approach

I am a longtime us airways flyer, but thanks to the merger, I recently had my first chance to read American Way. I was immediately impressed with the quality and practical value of your April publication. With summer approaching, I appreciated the short piece “Stay Sun Safe” as well as the “American Insight” spotlight on Waveborn sunglasses. The most useful column was “Tips for a Fit Flight.” As my flights across the country become more frequent, I will surely take these practices to heart. Together with your piece on technology and ­healthcare (“Patient Uprising”), it’s abundantly clear that American Airlines prioritizes its customers’ health. Thank you.
Anthony Harrison, Blacksburg, Virginia

A True Role Model

On my flight from Williamsport, Pennsylvania (my original home) to Bermuda (my home for the past 20 years), I read “All-American Hero” in the May issue of American Way. I had no idea who Chris Evans was, nor have I watched the Captain America movies, but I was so impressed with his openness: chatting about
vulnerabilities, his fascination with Disney World and being so grateful. But I was most impressed when he said, “If you can kind of stay present and know that that’s all that you have in life — life is just a series of nows — if you can kind of surrender to that, you will never lose.” Brilliant! I was so impressed, and it was an amazing reminder to the rest of us. It moved me to learn more about Chris Evans and remember what is important in life. Thank you.
Susan Thompson

American Pride

I’m writing to apologize. I recently had a flight from Los Angeles to Cleveland with a stop in Dallas. I finished the book I bought in L.A. at the beginning of the flight to Cleveland. Bored out of my mind, I reluctantly picked up your May issue. To my delight, it was unbelievably engaging, relevant and informative. “Patient
Uprising,” “Om in LA,” and the witty piece from a woman who fell off a horse (“Cowgirl School”) were especially entertaining, in part because I fell off a small trotting pony once myself. Thanks for making my flight not only bearable but also enjoyable. I will never again judge an in-flight magazine by its distribution channel. Well, at least not American Way. Keep up the great work!
Marylee Gotch

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