The Secrets of Pablo Cuevas' Racket

How Cuevas became Uruguay’s number one tennis player.

WORDS Leila Cobo
Deciembre 2017 / Enero 2018

When the number one tennis player in Uruguay (and the highest-ranked player in the history of his country) boards a plane, his seven Head Prestige rackets accompany him to any destination around the world.

An avid surfer who prefers oceanside tournaments (Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney are his favorites), Cuevas’ chill vibe contrasts with the steel nerves of a champion. Between 2011 and 2013, he was sidelined from the game due to several debilitating knee operations. In his arduous return to top spots in the world ranking, he has been accompanied by his close family (his current good luck charm is an amber necklace that was a gift from his mother-in-law) and the birth of his first daughter, with another on the way. “Since I became a father I enjoy things more. Finally I’m enjoying the circuit!” Cuevas says.

After a match at the Miami Open on the island of Key Biscayne (Florida), Cuevas, who is 31 years old, talked to us about his inseparable friend: his racket.

“Every player chooses the weight and balance of his racket. To make one takes at least a week, so if I go crazy during a tournament and break them, I’m won’t have a racket!”

“I’ve played with the Head Prestige since I was 14. It’s one of the strongest rackets, but at the same time one of the most flexible, with more power control.”

Also in red. They wear out every five or six months.

Made to order, three centimeters longer than the standard size and reinforced with lead to make it heavier: 355 grams without strings. The lead goes between the bumper guard and the frame of the racket.

Luxilon 4g. for the horizontals, because they loose less tension; Luxicon Alu Power, which generate more power, for the verticals. During a game, “I change the racket every time we change balls,” and he has it restrung every day.

Roland Garros, París (May-June); Wimbledon, London (July); BB&T Atlanta (July); Citi Open, Washington, DC (July); U.S. Open, New York (August)


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